The issue of school bus accidents

The safety record of school buses is also far superior to that of passenger vehicles, regardless of the age of the driver. The debate continues, with many parents asking for seat belts to be put on school buses, and many others campaigning against them.

Studies suggest that RRFBs can significantly increase yielding rates compared to standard pedestrian warning signs alone. Derek Graham is the section chief for transportation services with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction — a position he has held since In redesigns of school bus bodies, driver visibility and overall sightlines have become important considerations.

During the early s, states began to specify a mechanical stop signal arm which the driver would swing out from the left side of the bus to warn traffic of a stop in progress. Since at least the mids, all U. The MUTCD added a new option to use the schoolchildren symbol rather than the pedestrian symbol when an in-street sign is used at a school crossing.

This is not an unusual spot for a car to be parked. To aid visibility of the bus in inclement weather, school districts and school bus operators add flashing strobe lights to the roof of the bus.

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A motorized rotary switch applied power alternately to the red lights mounted at the left and right of the front and rear of the bus, creating a wig-wag effect. One student remains in critical condition. There were 1, deaths of all ages and deaths of school-age children from school transportation-related crashes from toaccording to a NHTSA report.

Examples of such school zone signing are illustrated below Figure 3. But school authorities, bus drivers, and many other people are of the opinion that seat belts in school buses, would not save as many lives as they would endanger.

However, such vehicles were at a disadvantage by comparison in terms of meeting safety regulations. Evaluation Measures Number of crossing pedestrian crashes. A multiple-threat collision is a pedestrian crash that occurs when pedestrians have to cross more than one lane in each direction.

News October 16, A Texas DOT report states that the bus driver involved in a recent crash was driving too fast for conditions when he overcorrected and the bus hydroplaned and rolled over. If you have lost a child as a result of any school bus accident, you may have a criminal and civil case against the responsible parties.

In addition to lack of oversight, the Baltimore report focused on medically unfit school bus drivers, and commercial driver license fraud," the board said in a statement.

Additionally, occupants of school transportation vehicles accounted for 8 percent of the fatalities, and nonoccupant—such as pedestrians, bicycles, etc. Expected Effectiveness Eliminating parking spaces too close to a crosswalk will improve pedestrian and motor vehicle visibility, which can reduce the likelihood of pedestrian-vehicle conflicts and collisions.

Between andFlorida averaged about 2 fatal motorcoach crashes per year. All of these theories help establish how fault is assigned in an injury action and can be applied to bring suit against the appropriate individuals. School speed limit signs e. Impacts to the front of school transportation vehicles occurred in 53 percent of fatal school-transportation-related crashes.

From tothere were school-age children who died in school-transportation-related crashes; 54 were occupants of school transportation vehicles, were occupants of other vehicles, were pedestrians, 9 were pedalcyclists, and 1 was other nonoccupant.

Various school warning signs are also available for use in school areas. This theory says that if a law is in place to protect a certain class and a person breaks that law and ultimately injures the class which the law is designed to protect, then that person is automatically negligent.

At signalized midblock locations, the MUTCD recommends separation of a least 40 feet between the stop line and the nearest signal indication. In fact, recent national data shoes that school bus related accidents send around 17, children in the United States to emergency rooms every year.

It is tempting to reduce transportation, cut out service or take other money-saving measures that can negatively impact safety. When an employee is performing job duties for their employer, any negligence by the employee can be placed on the employer. In the case of a collision, the body structure of a school bus is designed with an integral roll cage ; as a school bus carries a large number of student passengers, a school bus is designed with several emergency exits to facilitate fast egress.

In one recent seven-year stretch, there were nearly 1, fatal crashes involving large buses resulting in 1, deaths and 3, injuries.A school bus related crash is defined as any type of crash that directly or indirectly involves a school bus or a vehicle functioning as a school bus that is transporting students to or from school or a school.

The Special Investigation Report was prompted by the NTSB’s investigation of the Nov. 1,crash involving a Baltimore City school bus and a transit bus, and, the Nov. 21,crash of a Hamilton County school bus in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The two crashes injured 37 people and killed School bus accidents are amongst the most tragic of all motor vehicle accidents due to the inherent involvement of young children.

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As a result, substantial damages are often at issue in cases of this type, and vigorous representation is required to bring all responsible parties to justice. That sounds like an issue you should take to any of the following: the child's school principal, the superintendent of the school district, or the head of the transportation department in the school district.

16 states explicitly allow local governments or school districts to use cameras to capture images and issue tickets for drivers illegally passing stopped school buses. School Bus Seat Belts School buses are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury.

A private Houston school bus struck a tree Tuesday en route to Revere Middle School, injuring 20 people. There were 28 people aboard the bus when it veered off the road, mostly students headed to their second day of school.

The issue of school bus accidents
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